GST Managed Operations

GST Managed Operations offers customers a complete and affordable solution for all LEO microgravity operations. From R&D/proof of concept to scaling up to commercial production, GST provides full service from the initial brief, planning, industrial module integration/rental, launching, storage, dedicated crew, operations, servicing, to regular re-supply and final product retrieval and delivery. All backed by dedicated customer service team.

This end-to-end approach greatly reduces customers’ entry level requirements, shortens implementation times, reduces complexity, and ultimately opens a path to commercial success. It also promotes innovation and accelerates industrialization of space.

The enabling product is the GST-01, more specifically Industrial Section of the Orbital Segment. In terms of orbital facilities, a Standard Package offers one full MGIM module and a share of associated MGMC and MGSD modules totalling 330 m3 of usable volume, 18 kW of power and 18 kW of cooling, all fully equipped, crewed, and serviced by GST Managed Operations. Priced competitively at projected $60 million/year. 

GST-01 in its full configuration can offer up to 16 standard packages.